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SIRRI, a Sensory Integration Learning Center, is dedicated to help build a stronger neurological and developmental foundation for children and adults by providing the most innovative and advanced multi-sensory programs and therapies available.

"The true test of any clinical intervention is its functional outcome. Did we improve our patient's life in any measurable way? SIRRI's search for clinical innovation will continue and is proud to offer these programs as the most unique set of tools to serve the needs of the rehabilitation community in twenty years."

John W Steinert, PT - Founder & Executive Director, SIRRI New York
Dan Williams, PT, CSCS, BCN is a licensed Physical Therapist certified in Neurofeedback/Biofeedback-EEG by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA) and owner & executive director of SIRRI Arizona.

SIRRI is owned and trademarked to SIRRI.

SIRRI is not the owner or trademark holder of the Sensory LearningSM Program or Interactive Metronome®, but is a provider of these programs. Click here for more information.

* SIRRI Arizona is a Master Level Certified Provider of Interactive Metronome®.


NewsEventsAbout UsContact Us
The Sensory Learning Program - Multi-Sensory TrainingInteractive Metronome - Motor Planning and CoordinationneurofeedbackCognitive TrainingReading DevelopmentOccupational Therapy

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