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Cognitive Training

The Cognitive Training Program is the most comprehensive set of computerized processing and skill development programs ever published. The software programs contain many different levels of cognitive exercises designed to help develop and remediate attention, concentration, memory, eye-hand coordination, basic numeric concepts, problem solving, reasoning skills, self-esteem and self-control.

Combined with other technologies and software programs, our Cognitive Training program provides objective measurements to track how the student is progressing.

Our Cognitive Training program includes various training and learning methods that give our students skills and strategies they can use immediately to become better learners.

SIRRI uses different technologies and techniques to accomplish the child's goals while addressing the student's needs through skill building and success based interventions. The Cognitive Training program helps support a full academic and/or tutoring tract the child is on to meet their academic goals.

With SIRRI as your partner, you have the technologies and strategies your child will need for a success based program that will positively impact their academic performance.


Comprehensive: The use of different technologies and techniques allows us to focus on the child's areas of difficulty and design a program that will benefit them individually.

Enjoyable: Game-like and friendly, programs allow the user to be positively reinforced with visual and auditory rewards as well as goal setting.

Cognitive Training Programs address:

Attention Skills
Memory Skills
Visual Motor Skills
Conceptual Skills
Logic skill work
Auditory/visual attention
Alternating/selective/divided attention
Central/visual/auditory processing speed
Conceptual reasoning
Fine motor speed/control
Focused/general/sustained attention
Immediate/working memory
Response inhibition
Visuospatial classification/sequencing
Visual perception
Visual scanning/tracking


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